Research Report on China Truck Industry 2011-2012 - Since 2010, the world has gradually recovered from the impact of the financial crisis, and shown a recovery situation. Since Chinese economy acts as an important part of the world’s economy, recovery of the world’s economy will put forward China’s import and export, exert a stimulating effect on Chinese logistics market, and be bound to give an impetus to the development of commercial vehicle and other related industries, especially for the truck industry.

As Chinese transportation industry develops toward intensification, large logistics companies play increasingly important roles. Besides, the profit pattern of Chinese transportation industry has transferred from previous over loading to present pursuit of transport efficiency. As customers place increasingly higher requirements on truck products, intelligent and petroleum-saving heavy trucks with power upgrade will become the focuses of the market in the future.

In recent years, Chinese unit freight mileage sees a rapid increase year by year, leading to long distance transportation, which implies that the demand for high-end trucks in Chinese market in the next few years will shoot up. In 2010, Chinese truck production was 3.92 million with a 28.19% increase YOY, and truck sales volume reached 3.86 million, rising by 29.90% YOY.

In Chinese truck manufacturing industry, enterprises ranking among the top include Sinotruck, FAW Jiefang, Dongfeng Group, Shaanxi Automobile, Beiqi Foton and Bei Ben, among which Sinotruck Group located in Jinan is a world famous heavy truck producing enterprise, and has established industry clusters of truck supporting parts. Shandong serves as a developed province of Chinese logistics and freight as well as an important truck production base in China. At the end of 2010, automobile reserves of Shandong ranked the second in China, and its truck reserves ranked the first.

Chinese truck products have long occupied an important position in Chinese automobile product export by virtue of certain technology strength and competitive price advantages.
With Chinese economic growth and increasing investment in the truck industry, Chinese truck production and sales volume are expected to maintain the upward trend in the next few years.

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